The word Benjarong literally means “five colors,” commonly used in the porcelain wares of Thailand. This is one of the many cultural and historical elements we derived inspiration from for the venue.

From hues of blue velvets to deep reds in the ceiling, accented by greens, golds and whites in the columns and architectural highlights. The space was transformed from a dark and outdates venue into a vibrant display of color and light, while maintaining its rich cultural heritage.

An introduction of French motifs fused with Thai elements give a fresh new approach to the venue, keeping it upscale with a sense of rustic luxury. Large hand woven lanterns hang above plush velvet sofas, all part of the same juxtaposition.

An entire wall carries a light installation with backlit gold leafed circular lights, a nod to the full moon festivities of the land. Perched atop Dubai’s skyline, we emphasized the sweeping views of the city with white frames, adding to the grandeur of this lofted space, yet keeping it casual, exciting and fun.